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A Sense of Family

From L to R: Bob Speelman, Kelsie Prater, Amy Winkler, Kyra Hornsby

December 14, 2017
I had the opportunity yesterday to work as a nursing assistant at Golden Years, our 70 bed skilled nursing facility in Hamilton, Ohio. Krya Hornsby is the Administrator at the Golden Years and has been there for 16 years! She has a tremendous staff with a lot of longevity. Her MDS Nurse, Donna Bachmann has been there for more than 40 years since the doors first opened! Several other employees have been at Golden Years a long time:

Donna Watkins, Hsk./Laundry Sup.- 30+ years
Iris Goins, Admissions - 30+ years
Sandy Begley, Laundry dept. - 30+ years
Carma Meeks, Dietary Cook - 30+ years
Pat Woods, LPN - 30+ years

One thing that longevity gives you with staff is a sense of family. You pick up on it quickly when you get to Golden Years. The staff, the residents and the family members all seemed like one big family.

I worked alongside Kelsie Prater, a truly amazing STNA who is starting Nursing School in January. Kelsie’s love for her residents and attention to detail is simply inspiring. You can tell she loves being a caregiver and these residents are her family. I asked several of the residents what makes Kelsie such a good STNA and here are some of their responses:

“She extremely attentive and she knows exactly what I like”
“She takes the time and never rushes, she even straightens up my room when it needs it without me even asking”
“She is like family to me”

Another thing I noticed while working with Kelsie was that the nurse on the unit, Amy Winkler, worked together with Kelsie as an incredible team. Their communication was amazing and when they were getting an admit and Kelsie was busy giving care, Kim said she would go and make the bed and make sure the room was ready. She also helped toilet residents when Kelsie was busy tending to another resident.

One of the residents I spoke with said that her friend wanted her to go to a nursing home that was closer to her house so she could visit her every day, so she transferred facilities and only stayed three days because she was miserable. She called Golden Years and asked to come back and when she got back everyone greeted her and make her feel like she was back home. She said I don’t want to ever go anywhere else. This is home to me and I love Kelsie and Amy!

Thank you Kelsie, Amy, Kyra and the staff at Golden Years. You welcomed me into your family and I got to experience your love and respect for each other. Thank you residents of Golden Years! I enjoyed your stories and feedback on our wonderful team at Golden Years.

With much thanks to the Golden Years Family!

Bob Speelman, STNA

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